5 Beauty Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Beauty Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Beauty Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know 1024 683 NIYA Admin

Who doesn’t like to learn new beauty hacks? They not only simplify your life but also help you save money. That’s why we decided to compile some of the best hacks of all time so you can include them in your beauty routine.

Make your perfume last longer with a fragrance-free moisturizer

Who doesn’t love a good perfume? There’s nothing better than smelling good, but it can be very annoying when your favorite designer perfume doesn’t last long enough. To make the fragrance stay longer you can apply some fragrance-free moisturizer to your pulse points, the back of your neck, your knees and voilà! You’ll smell good all day long.

Stop mascara from smudging under your eyes

Imagine this scenario. You are almost ready to go out and then you accidentally smear mascara under your eyes! If this has ever happened to you, you know it’s a pain. Fortunately, there is a hack you can use to prevent this from happening. After using your favorite mascara, apply translucent powder with a little brush to the end/tips of your lower lashes. The powder will act as a barrier between your eyelashes and your skin to avoid the fallout. This hack is a must-know!

Make your nail polish dry faster with cold water

Yes, you read it right! You don’t necessarily need one of those clear nail polish specifically designed to cut down the drying time of your nails. You can simply put your fingers in a bowl of cold water with one or two ice cubes. Make sure you prepare the bowl before applying the nail polish, otherwise you can ruin your perfect manicure. Once your fingers are in the cold water, wait for at least 5 minutes before taking them out. If you see drops of water in your nails that means they are completely dry!

Use clear tape to do a perfect cat-eye

Have you ever wanted to be able to do a perfect cat eyeliner? Mastering the technique of eyeliner is not an easy job, but we have a great hack for you! All you need is a liquid eyeliner and a piece of clear tape. To begin, take an inch length of tape and place the edge of it in line with your bottom lash line and angle the top toward a bit further the end of your eyebrow. Draw a stripe using short, dash-like strokes until the end. Remove the tape and get ready to show off your perfectly made cat eyeliner!

Make your own lip colors using eye shadow.

Tired of your lipstick colors? That’s not a problem! You can make your own lip color with eyeshadow and petroleum jelly. Add two tablespoons of petroleum jelly and any eyeshadow into a small bowl and melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Mix it very well until you make sure there aren’t any chunks or clumps. Once you are done, transfer the mixture to a small container and let it dry for a few hours until it hardens. You can make as many lip colors as you want and what’s great is that the petroleum jelly will keep your lips hydrated at all times!


What are your best beauty hacks? Share in the comment section below!