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How the Foods You Eat Are Affecting Your Skin

Tired of suffering from acne? That can happen to anyone! Acne is a common disorder that can not
only manifest on your face but also on your chest, back, or shoulders. Luckily, to help prevent acne from
showing on your skin, there’s one simple and quick solution: eat better! Yes, that’s right. Your diet can play a
very important role in acne development. Here are a few things you should avoid eating to prevent


Bad news if you are a sugar-lover! You are more likely to develop acne if your diet is full of sugar
and carbohydrates. These types of foods are high in sugar, and they tend to get into your
bloodstream quicker causing your body to make more insulin to bring down sugar levels. This
process may affect certain hormones that can boost oil production in your skin and make you more
prone to acne. Our advice: include more veggies and fruits in your diet, and replace any sugary
drinks with water!

Dairy Products

If you are a big dairy fan, you may want to think twice before consuming it. According to some
studies, dairy cows are commonly treated with artificial hormones that may affect their milk supply.
These artificial hormones can also affect the balance of your own hormones, triggering acne or
aggravating your skin if you already suffer from this condition. There are other alternatives to dairy
you can find in most supermarkets, like cheese or milk made out of almond, soy or rice.

Fast Food

Definitely not a surprise that fast food can cause you acne. The reason? Most fast food is rich in
calories, fat and refined carbohydrates! Instead of eating fries, burgers, or hot dogs at a fast food
chain, try to make them yourself at home with fresh and healthy ingredients. For example, if you are
craving a burger you can make a veggie one with soybeans, tofu, and sprouted bread. They also
taste delicious!

Keep in mind, there is no need to have a boring diet, you just have to figure out a way to cook the
dishes you love in a healthy way, avoiding ingredients that may cause you a breakout.

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Enhance Your Beauty Routine with These Simple Ideas

You’ve probably heard all the tips to maintain a beauty routine at home. However, there are some other things you can do to take care of your skin and also relax a bit. Here are some ideas you could use to enhance your beauty routine and pamper yourself:

Exfoliate your face and body

Exfoliation is great to remove all dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. It not only makes your skin look better and radiant but it also helps improve blood circulation. There are different methods of exfoliation depending on your skin, if you suffer from any skin condition like rosacea you should definitely ask your doctor first about the best practices. To start, you can apply some on your face and gently rub it with your fingers in circles. Sponges, brushes or gloves are also recommended for better results. Keep in mind: you should not exfoliate your face or body daily! The frequency of exfoliation depends on the type of skin you have, but in general terms twice a week is enough.

Take a relaxing bath

There is nothing better like coming home after a long day of work and taking a relaxing bath to relieve the stress from the day. Even though a bath is part of your daily routine, you can add a few things to make it extra special like bath bombs, essential oils, or tea bags. Get your favorite book, light up some candles and enjoy your time alone in the bathtub. You’ll feel renewed and relaxed once you are done. We recommend you do it before bed so you can have a restful night of sleep!

Get naked!

By this we mean: DONT APPLY MAKEUP! Sometimes our faces need some rest from all the products we use on a daily basis. The longer your skin goes without makeup the better it will be to regulate its temperature, oil control, hydration and more! You can forget about makeup on those days when you don’t feel like going out. Your face will appreciate having a break!

Remember that taking time every week to treat yourself is important. According to an article on Oprah’s website “When we give ourselves treats, we feel energized, cared for and contented, which boosts our self-command—and self-command helps us maintain our healthy habits.” So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite products and start pampering yourself!

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Why is Cleansing your Face so Important?

Let’s face it, sometimes we get home too tired to remove our makeup or wash our face, and we just go straight to bed without knowing the effect this can have on our skin. Most of us wake up the next morning regretting it!

The truth is, not washing our faces is a BIG mistake we shouldn’t make because during the day, we all get exposed to bacteria, pollutants and dirt. All that dirt block our pores, making our skin prone to breakouts, dry patches and dullness.

Luckily there is a beauty secret you could use to get rid of all that dirt and achieve a healthier, clearer and more radiant skin. Of course, we are talking about cleansing!

Cleansing is extremely important to maintaining a great looking and feeling skin. It’s key to removing all the makeup, impurities, oil and unwanted debris that gets accumulated during the day to make our skin feel fresh! It’s also the best way to prep your skin for other skincare products such as serum or moisturizer.

Here are a few tips you could use when cleansing your face:

  • Make sure you buy a product that fits your skin type. If you are unsure what your skin type is, you can read our article Do you even know me? to figure it out.
  • Cleansing should always be the first step of your skincare routine. You don’t want to apply other products on a dirty face.
  • Try not to over-cleanse your face, otherwise it will turn dry and irritated. You can use the cleanser twice a day: when you wake up, and before going to bed.

Now that you know the importance of cleansing your face, make sure you make it a habit! Pick your favorite cleanser and put it in a place in the bathroom where you can always see it, so you don’t forget to use it. Your skin will definitely thank you!

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Do You Even Know Me?

You see it every day. You touch it every day. Yet you don’t really know it, like really really know it. What are we talking about? Your skin!

Developing a proper killer skin care routine starts with knowing what skin type you have. Using the wrong products for your face can cause irritation, breakouts, and not to mention waste of money! You see your girlfriend’s face and you are envious. She shares her products and skin care routine, but it doesn’t seem to be working for you. In fact, its making you worse! Why? Simple reason. Everyone’s skin type is different, and surprise surprise, it changes over time.

In order to be properly introduced to your skin type, read below of the different characteristics of the various skin types.

Normal skin: This type of skin is widely identified for being well-balanced. Not too oily, nor too dry. Is not prone to sensitivity and has fine pores, no blemishes, a soft texture, and fresh transparency.

Oily skin: If you have enlarged visible pores and a glossy shine you probably have an oily skin that overproduces seborrhea. This can be caused by multiple factors such as genetics, stress, hormonal changes or even makeup products. Oily skin is extremely prone to acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads, especially during puberty.

Dry skin: This type of skin feels tight throughout the day, and experience flakiness, itchiness, and a rough and blotchy appearance. The dryness can be caused by environmental factors, genetics or hormonal changes. Individuals with this type of skin need to drink a lot of water and apply moisturizer regularly to keep the skin hydrated.

Now that you understand the difference between all skin types, you can evaluate yours to figure out what are the best products for you. There are products that are specific to your skin type to get that well balanced healthy face that is dying to get out and be seen! Next thing you know, people will be asking you what your skin care secret is. You can tell them, the secret, you and your face are intimate friends!