Happy International Women’s Day, NIYA Beauties!

Happy International Women’s Day, NIYA Beauties!

Happy International Women’s Day, NIYA Beauties! 1024 576 NIYA Admin

“There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness and the nerve to never take no for an answer.”

– Rihanna

Today, at NIYA Beauty, we are celebrating International Women’s Day! We are proud and grateful to have a team of wonderful ladies working with us here at NIYA. Although the NIYA Beauty App is made for anyone to use, our CEO, Thya Sanders, was inspired by everyday women to create it. Her own uncomfortable personal experience while makeup-shopping led her to dive deeper into the reality of what women were experiencing when trying to find out more about makeup.

After doing her research, she found that there were many women like her who were unfamiliar with makeup and how to apply it. Many women are justifiably intimidated by all of the products, tools, shades, and textures that line the walls of makeup stores, and it’s especially disheartening when they have no experience with makeup at all. She quickly discovered that most women she spoke to felt that the anxiety and embarrassment of going to a makeup counter and asking a sales associate for help can be extremely off-putting. That’s when she knew there was a need for the NIYA Beauty App, where anyone and everyone can come and learn about makeup and makeup application without feeling pressured or overwhelmed. 

We are strong believers that all women need some time in their day dedicated just to themselves, where they can purposefully take care of their bodies and minds. Women deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. We know that each woman is wonderfully unique; we all have different face shapes, eye shapes, skin tones, skin types, sensitivities, and textures. Our hope is that with the help of the app, women everywhere will be able to receive personalized makeup advice that actually works for them.

NIYA is passionate about inclusivity across all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We want every woman to feel confident and empowered while using our app by giving them a safe outlet to grow, learn, and teach. We pride ourselves on being a company with a specific mindset that aims to dismantle gender biases and inequality.


Thya believes that women can and should be able to use makeup to empower themselves. She thinks that makeup is less for the appeal of others, but something that women can do for themselves to feel powerful, sexy, determined, and strong. “I view makeup as my ammunition, not my shield. It helps to portray myself as I want to be seen, not hide myself behind a mask.” Makeup should be something that any woman can use without feeling pressured or nervous. We are lucky enough to witness a big shift in makeup, and more brands are expanding their products and shade ranges to create more availability for all, regardless of skin color, gender, or skin type.


Some of the most groundbreaking, influential makeup artists and brand owners are women. We want to highlight some of our favorite, all-inclusive beauty trailblazers in the industry.


Pat McGrath:

If you’ve ever had an interest in makeup, design, or fashion, then you’ve probably heard the name Pat McGrath. Pat McGrath is a British makeup artist who, for the last two decades, has literally been at the forefront for every trend we see in makeup. In the 90s, McGrath became long-term friends and business partners with fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Together, they have worked on every single issue of Italian Vogue, brand campaigns, and runway looks. McGrath has had a hold on the runway ever since, and her avante-garde, iconic work can be seen on models for every fashion week in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. In 2015, McGrath launched her own beauty brand, Pat McGrath Labs, which quickly became an iconic, inclusive, and highly successful brand in the makeup industry. McGrath’s makeup brand includes 36 shades of foundation, pigmented, holographic eyeshadows, a liquid lipstick with shades made for any skin tone, and many other groundbreaking products with unique formulas. At 51 years old, McGrath has been named “the most influential makeup artist in the world” by Anna Wintour, was included in Time Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2019, and was the first-ever makeup artist awarded a Damehood by the Queen Elizabeth II, for Services to the Fashion and Beauty Industry and Diversity. 


Another pioneer in the beauty industry who paved the way for other brands is Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty. Rihanna launched her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, in 2017, with the goal of creating makeup that anyone could use. With an initial launch of 40 foundation shades, Fenty Beauty set the new, necessary standard for inclusivity in makeup. Now, Fenty Beauty has 50 unique foundation shades, so that even those with typically hard-to-match skin tones can find a shade that works for them. The brand has also intentionally created shades of lipstick, glosses, eyeshadows, and blushes that would compliment any skin tone. Each formula is meant to feel lightweight and work on every skin type. Rihanna wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experiment, have fun, and express themselves with makeup.

Danessa Myricks:

Danessa Myricks is a self-taught makeup artist turned small-business owner who now has a partnership with Sephora as of this February. Before launching her own brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty, Myricks was leading product development for KISS Cosmetics and Benefit Cosmetics. She noticed the lack of inclusivity and accessibility that still existed and makeup, and made it her mission to change that. Myricks’s experience with the makeup she had taught her to be innovative, she would use one product in several ways to get the look she desired. Now, her affordable brand features products that can be used in many different ways, like her Colorfix Multipurpose Cream Pigments in 83 shades, and her Vision Cream Cover in 23 shades, which can be used as a foundation or concealer. Her products are versatile and don’t require any special tricks or tools to make them work. She is an expert in versatility, and continues to impress with her one-of-a-kind products. 

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

Happy Women’s Day from the NIYA Beauty Team!