NIYA PRO 101 – How to Market Yourself As a Pro MUA

NIYA PRO 101 – How to Market Yourself As a Pro MUA

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NIYA Pros! We are so happy to have you on board with us here at NIYA Beauty. We have worked hard to create an app for you to be able to book with clients and expand your experience with ease. We wanted to give you some information about being a makeup artist on the NIYA Beauty App and what you can expect going forward.

Thya Sanders, CEO & Founder of NIYA Beauty

About NIYA

Our mission from the beginning has been to give our users the tools, education, and encouragement they need in their discovery for enhancing their natural beauty. We wanted to alleviate the stress and complications of learning about and using makeup. Our founder, Thya Sanders, had first-hand experiences where she felt like trying to access information about makeup and beauty products was far too difficult and intimidating. Once she realized how many other women were experiencing the same issue, she knew she had to come up with a solution. Thya also wanted to give makeup artists a platform where they could make extra money, create their own schedules, and teach clients from the comfort of their own homes.

Now that You’re a NIYA Pro, What’s Next?

After signing up for an account, you can access your Beauty Profile and Portfolio, where you can add personal information about yourself, along with photos and videos of your work. This profile will be what potential clients see when they are searching for an artist, so you’ll want to make sure it embodies your expertise and personal style. You can input your availability into your Calendar, and create your Packages for clients to choose from. Once your profile is approved, you will be able to start booking clients. You can post your link to your Beauty Profile on your social media pages to let your followers know that you’re available for booking on the app!

Announcing Yourself as a NIYA Pro

You can include the hashtag #NIYAPro in your social media bios, so that your followers will know you’re available for booking on the app. We encourage that you post regularly on social media, and tag @niyabeautyapp so that followers of our profile will see that you’re available as well. We will also send Instagram Story templates that you are able to use to advertise yourself as a NIYA Pro.

Marketing Yourself as a Makeup Artist

When it comes to marketing yourself as a NIYA Pro, your Beauty Profile plays a huge role in booking clients. Show your clients your personality and expertise in your profile bio, and make sure to upload a high quality, professional profile picture. It’s important to add photos and videos to your Portfolio to show off what you specialize in, that way your clients can see exactly what types of work you can perform. You can link your Beauty Profile in your social media bios and share it with friends and family for more exposure, along with tagging @niyabeautyapp and #NIYAPro in your social media posts. It’s crucial to be professional and approachable in order to encourage clients to book with you, so make sure to respond to booking requests and chats in a timely manner.

Benefits & Perks

There are many perks to being a NIYA Pro! We appreciate makeup artists and want them to have the best experience on our app. We love posting our Pros and their work on our social media pages so you can gain exposure. We encourage you to monetize your expertise and earn extra income by booking with clients. You can grow your personal, professional brand by connecting with your clients, other artists, and fans of your work from around the world. Because the NIYA Beauty App is all based around one-on-one video sessions, you can create your own schedule and teach from anywhere!

How to Set Your Rates

Setting your rates on the NIYA Beauty App is simple. You can create custom Packages based on your specialties, and they will be on your Beauty Profile for your clients to see. When creating a Package, you will be able to select the duration of the session, how much it costs, and you can add a la carte services to any of your Packages.

The types of Packages you can create are:
Full Glam
Mature Skin
Skin Concerns
Men’s Grooming
Special Effects

The A La Carte Services you can add to your Packages are:
Color Correcting
Foundation & Concealer
Highlight & Contour
Skin Prep

How to Get Paid

Once you have signed up, you will need to submit your bank account and routing numbers. You will be paid once the session is completed, and the money will automatically transfer into your bank account. This process can take up to two business days. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to


App Updates

We are so excited for our latest launch of our NIYA Pro Beauty App, which is just for our makeup artists! We’ve updated the entire look of the app, including the layout of your Beauty Profile. Previously, you were only able to add photos to your Portfolio, but now you can also include videos. You can preview your profile before posting it to see what it would look like to your potential clients. Clients can now save your profile, so they can return to book with you at a later time. Packages now can have a cover photo added to them, and each Package is customizable to your specialties. You’re now able to chat with your clients before and after booking, so that you can get a better sense of what they are looking for and how they feel afterwards. You can update your preferences and specialties when signing up, and anytime after that as well.

Code of Conduct

For your sessions, we have a few suggestions to abide by our rules and regulations, and to maintain professionalism throughout your interactions with clients. We ask that you use appropriate and professional language during all of your sessions. It is against our terms and conditions to schedule offline bookings, you may NOT ask members to book you for lessons outside of the app. It’s important to wear appropriate attire (we recommend black) and have a clean background to minimize distractions. There are certain behaviors that might be considered Causes for Removal, such as not showing up for an appointment, cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, and valid complaints from clients who book with you. If the complaint is severe enough, we will remove you immediately. As a NIYA Pro, your experience is important to us.

If you have a complaint about the app or another user, please email

Artist Purpose

We believe that each makeup artist who uses our app should believe in our purpose. We want to provide opportunities for users to reveal their insecurities, without being on display, and learn new techniques to improve their individual skills. We aim to help each user in their journey of self discovery and building confidence in their natural beauty. It’s extremely important to be warm, friendly, inviting, and listen to clients’ needs and concerns. Our motto is to enhance natural beauty, not reconstruct it.


Welcome to NIYA! We’re so excited for you to join us. Good luck & happy booking!