NIYA’s Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

NIYA’s Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

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NIYA’s Holiday How To:

A gift guide for everyone.

The holidays are finally here! I know, we can’t believe it either. This year has flown by but the holidays may just be our favorite! From the food to get-togethers, and gift exchanges, it is difficult not to be a little happier this time of year.

Gift giving may just be our love language because we are so excited to shop for all of our loved ones. Have you been shopping throughout the year or are you a last-minute kind of person? If you’re still not sure what to get your friends and family, we’ve collected a list of great beauty related items for the special people in your life. From towels and mirrors to men’s skincare, our list has something for everyone:


Virtual Makeup Lessons with NIYA Beauty

Does someone you know just love makeup, but isn’t sure what looks work best for them? With NIYA Beauty’s gift cards, you can give your loved one a virtual makeup session tailored to their needs and wants. When activating the gift card they will be able to choose a specific makeup artist that works best with their makeup goals. This is a great option if you know someone who loves beauty, but they are new to the game or you aren’t sure exactly what shades they’d look best in. Give the gift of confidence this year!

Gift cards can range from $35 (one 30 minute session) to $65 (1-hour session) to as many sessions as you’d like.


Copper Water Bottle

Looking for an easy and eco-friendly gift for your family member? We’ve got you covered. According to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, there are many benefits to drinking water out of a copper water bottle. Water automatically turns into alkaline water while being stored in a copper water bottle, which helps balance your body’s PH levels.

Copper H2O’s water bottle is antibacterial, supports healthy skin, helps maintain cardiovascular health, supports the thyroid, and stimulates the brain. Give your loved one the gift of a healthy lifestyle this year for an affordable price!

Starting as low as $32.50


Sustainable Shower Necessities

Wash away the stress of buying gifts this year with zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars from Green Ablutions. These plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars last longer than three bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioner. Plus, if one of your family members has a love for traveling, these may just be the ideal travel toiletries for their next trip.

Support a waste-free environment starting with your shower for as cheap as $12 a bar! Gift these travel size shampoo and conditioner bars to someone and you’ll automatically donate 10% to support the sea turtles.


The Ultimate Dry Brush

Dry brushing your skin is widely recommended by health experts because it has extreme long term benefits for just a few minutes a day. According to health experts “dry brushing detoxifies the body, improves circulation, eliminates dead skin cells, exfoliates the skin, improves skin tone, aids digestion, reduces and prevents cellulite, and increases energy and well-being. In addition, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate toxins and pathogens that can cause inflammation and illness”.

The Prana Brush offers the ultimate dry brush for people of any age, see what the dry brushing hype is all about! Give the gift of smooth ageless skin this holiday season.

Dry brushes range from $19.50 to $44.50.


Reusable Makeup Remover Towels

Towel’s By Gus offers a variety of makeup remover towels for any makeup fanatic. Choose the aesthetic you want for your bathroom by selecting your design: the phrase “Makeup Off” or ‘Squeaky Clean” or your own custom initials, to accessorize your bathrooms with an eco-friendly detail that will save you money, and save the planet at the same time!

Made in the USA Monogrammed Makeup Towels are reusable and more environmentally friendlier than regular makeup wipes. They are crafted from 100% cotton and are specially designed for extra softness so the fibers of the towel will grip the makeup and remove it from the skin without causing irritation.

Sold at $28 for a set of two


Gua Sha Facial System

Adopted by ancient Chinese Practices, gua sha is a proven technique to even out blood flow throughout your face and neck. By using the gua sha method, you can naturally lift your face and even out skin texture and tones.

Wilding provides an all in one facial system with everything you need to perfect the gua sha method; the stones, oils, wands, and tonics. Keep your skin looking fresh and wrinkle-free with all the gua sha technique has to offer.

Whole gua sha facial system package is $128. Each product is also sold separately.


The Established – Bath and Body Serum

Give your family the ultimate at home spa experience with this incredibly moisturizing bath serum by The Established. The Elixa Bath and Body Serum is an oil based serum that is highly absorbent and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. This award winning bath and body serum is sure to put you at ease during this holiday season. Gift your parents pure relaxation this Christmas.

Only $28 for multiple bath uses.


Pure Silk Pillowcase

Are you looking for a luxurious, but budget-friendly gift? Well, there’s nothing more luxurious than a 100% silk pillowcase. Dermatologists and doctors highly recommend sleeping with a pure silk pillowcase to help with acne and hair texture. Let your family members sleep in peace with a Celestial silk pillowcase.

With a wide range of silk colors to choose from, there’s one for everyone in the family for only $35.99.


Miss Swiss Portable Makeup Box

No more leaking makeup in your handbags with the Miss Swiss portable makeup case. This female founded makeup box is guaranteed to change your on-the-go makeup experience. With a sealed shut close, application holders, and nice size mirror, this makeup kit has got you covered whether you’re in a rush for work or need to touch up during a date. For your makeup lovers, this gift is sure to exceed expectations this holiday season.

For only $30, you can save yourself and your friends from ruining your most loved handbags with a safe and secure Miss Swiss makeup box.


Portable Hollywood Mirror

Bring the glam wherever you go with the Malibu Portable Mirror. Wherever you travel to this holiday season, you’ll have the most lit and effective makeup station on the go. With multiple levels of lighting offered, you can adjust the brightness depending on the natural lighting or non-existent lighting you already have. The Malibu Portable Mirror can be compacted into a much smaller size and can fit into any size suitcase or handbag. No matter what age or gender, if your family member loves makeup they’ll make this portable mirror a must have accessory for their makeup process.

For only $46.24, you can carry perfect lighting wherever you may go.


Dear Self Skincare Set

With all the charcuterie and sweets this winter, a quality skincare routine is needed now more than ever. Dear Self Skincare offers a vegan and cruelty-free skincare line that works wonders with fine lines, dull skin tone, acne, and more. On top of being extremely eco-friendly, the scents of the skincare products will take you to another level of a spa experience. Treat your loved ones to glowing skin with a Dear Self Skincare Set.

Skincare bundles ranging from $35 to $150.


Flekk Eyeshadow Palette

Is your younger sibling just learning the basics of makeup? Or your grandma needs a fresher makeup routine? Flekk Cosmetics offers various eyeshadow palettes with easy-to-use applications and colors perfect for your skin tone. Depending on the type of finished look you desire and which set of shades fit your skin tone best, you’ll be able to select from Fine, Flirty, Flawless, Fancy or Foxy eyeshadow palettes.

This palette is the ideal gift for makeup beginners to makeup gurus this December. Snag yours before it’s too late for only $39.99.


Show your family you’re the queen of gift-giving this holiday season with our pre-selected gifts. This year out of all years should be the time you choose to buy from small business owners instead of large corporations. You can be environmentally friendly and on a budget when you choose to shop smart!

Happy Holidays from NIYA Beauty!