Sunscreen Reinvented by Supergoop!

Sunscreen Reinvented by Supergoop!

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Let’s Talk Sunblock

SPF is not only the most important thing to wear during summer, but all throughout the year. It might seem counterproductive to apply sunscreen in the wintertime, but the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin no matter what season it is. We know that it can be hard to find a sunscreen that you enjoy wearing, so we want to offer some assistance! Supergoop! is an awesome brand that offers an entire line of products that come in 100% recyclable packaging, are reef-safe, and free of sunscreen actives such as oxybenzone. Supergoop! offers some great products that can help keep your skin safe in any weather. Their SPF products are lightweight, comfortable, easy-to-use, and work well under makeup (a challenge for many SPFs!). Read on below for our favorite tips on how you can wear sunscreen year around without the hassle of traditional sunscreens.


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Sunscreen Made Simple

Finding the perfect sunscreen for any skin type is now made simple with Supergoop!’s Product Finder Quiz. You can input your preferences for yourself and/or your family, your routine, and your concerns. The best part about Supergoop! is that they offer more than just SPF sunscreens for the whole family. For instance, they also have a cream eyeshadow, a setting powder, a lip balm, and more, all with SPF in them! A customer-favorite of Supergoop!’s line of sunscreens is their Unseen Sunscreen with SPF 40. This sunscreen is great on its own, or even underneath makeup as a primer, and its finish is invisible and natural-looking. Plus, it’s lightweight enough so that you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Sunscreen as Setting Powder

For those who want protection from the sun over their makeup, Supergoop! has their (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder with SPF 35 in four different shades. The formula is lightweight and smooths the skin, in addition to providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This powder is great if you are someone who wants the same level of sun protection without having to use a traditional sunscreen. In other words, with this powder, you can keep your makeup locked in and protect your skin from the sun all at the same time!

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Head, Shoulders, Knees & Eyes!

Some areas are often forgotten when it comes to sunscreen, such as the scalp and the eyelids. As a result, most of us have experienced the painful and annoying scalp sunburn, which can be hard to avoid by using standard sunscreens. Applying a gooey sunscreen on your head is not ideal, so Supergoop! created their Poof Part Powder with SPF 35. This powder is similar to dry shampoo, and doesn’t make hair greasy. Simply apply the 100% mineral powder to your hair and part, and your scalp will be protected from the sun!

Sunscreen as Makeup

Supergoop! also made sure to address another easily forgotten area: the eyes. Believe it or not, Supergoop! has an eye cream and a cream eyeshadow for that necessary eye protection. Eye creams are crucial to a skincare routine, since they prevent wrinkles and sagging around the eyes. Supergoop!’s Bright-Eyed Mineral Eye Cream brightens up the under eye area, prepares the area for makeup, and protects the skin with SPF 40. Their Shimmershade Cream Eyeshadow with SPF 30 does the same job as sunscreen, all with a fun and useful twist for makeup lovers. The eyeshadow comes in four shades, it’s easily to blend, and doesn’t get fade or flake. Protecting the sensitive eye area from harmful UVA/UVB rays has never been easier thanks to Supergoop!

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Above all, it’s important to take care of your skin and protect it from the sun. Wearing sunscreen everyday can prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, and sun damage. Thanks to Supergoop!, using and applying sunscreen has never been easier, or more accessible. Companies that create thoughtful and innovative products like Supergoop! are the perfect representation of what we stand for here at NIYA. NIYA aims to help and educate people, while giving them a hassle-free experience! Our NIYA Pros can offer more education, advice, and assistance on how to apply sunblock, and why it’s so important to do so. Book with a Pro today and find out more!


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